Are you interested in becoming a SHS-CTC partner?

Why are partnerships so important?
In order to offer effective learning opportunities, it is imperative that businesses, community members and schools work together to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to be college and/or career ready.

Benefits for Partners:

  • Fosters networking opportunities that build and enhance further partnerships
  • Develops future employees/Reduces recruitment and training costs
  • Creates positive community and public relations/recognition for business
  • Provides businesses with a skilled/trained workforce
  • Improves current employees morale and management skills
  • Increases community involvement in the education of students

Benefits for Students

  • Allows students to apply knowledge in a meaningful way
  • Allows students to explore career options
  • Increases students self-efficacy and self-confidence
  • Helps students acquire real workplace experience and work skills

Benefits for Schools

  • Improves student academic achievements
  • Improves student involvement and motivation
  • Improves relationship with the community
  • Develops soft skills

Ways to be involved:

  • Become a program advisor for one of our ten Career Technical Education programs
  • Volunteer to become a guest speaker in a class.
  • Provide industry tours for groups of students or an individual student.
  • Take part in informational interviews that help students better understand what it is you do.
  • Offer Work-Based Learning Opportunities for SHS-CTC students such as job shadows, work study, or internship/apprenticeship

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