Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting program prepares students to participate in teams, solve problems, think critically and implement effective solutions. The program is designed and delivered as a coherent sequence of experiential learning based in an academic foundation through hands-on activities as well as field work. This course will teach students the basic knowledge and skills needed for Medical Assisting Services in a clinical, medical, or retail setting or to continue postsecondary education.

Program Path:

  • Year 1
    • Medical Assisting I (Full year)
  • Year 2
    • Medical Assisting II (Full year)

Post-Secondary Agreements:

  • Southern Maine Community College (3 Credits - pending)

Licenses, Certificates, and Affiliations:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Medical Assistant CCMA

What You'll Learn

  • Managing the medical practitioner's appointments
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing
  • Updating medical and patient records
  • Taking patient history
  • Managing medical supplies
  • Checking patient's vital signs and running laboratory tests

Career Opportunity

  • Admitting Clerk
  • Community Services Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Information Manager
  • Health Information Coder
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Biller
  • Specialist Transcriptionist
  • Unit Coordinator


  • 10 Years as a Surgical Veterinary Technician
  • 10 years as Medical Assistant / Registered Nurse 
  • Prior experience includes positions in Emergency Medicine, Oncology, MedSurg Nursing, Case Managing and Clinical Practical Lead in Primary Care/Internal Medicine.  


  • Associates Degree in Health Science - York County Community College.
  • Registered Medical Assistant 
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician 
  • Associates Degree in Nursing - Southern Maine Community College 
  • Registered Nurse 

Special Interests:

  • Passion for animals. 
  • Love outdoor live music.
  • Outdoor activities including water sports, hiking, snowshoeing and motorcycle riding.  
  • Travel anywhere but especially to tropics for snorkeling and photography opportunities. 
  • Cooking and trying new recipes. 

Email: [email protected]



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